Best Community-Voted Presentation

Congratulations to the best Community-Voted Presentation, chosen by the participants and presented by
Luciana Monteiro-Krebs ?

Depicting recommendations in academia: What ResearchGate communicates (via design or upon request) about recommender algorithms 

Luciana Monteiro-Krebs
(Meaningful Interactions Lab (Mintlab), KU Leuven)
Bieke Zaman
(Meaningful Interactions Lab (Mintlab), KU Leuven)
Nyi-Nyi Htun
(Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), KU Leuven)
Sônia Elisa Caregnato
(Graduate Programme in Communication and Information (PPGCOM), UFRGS)
David Geerts
(Meaningful Interactions Lab (Mintlab), KU Leuven – imec)