Full Program

Day 1 – July, 28 – Thursday

OPENING- Welcome messages

Keynote Speech

Prof. Carlos Alberto Ávila Araújo
Presentation title: Infodemic as a contemporary informational challenge

Video Presentations:

Publications in Open Access Journals: A Bibliometric Analysis

Collection and Integration of Patent Data for Analysis and Validation of Brazilian Technical Production

Concept Maps as a Support for Learning: A Proposal from the Consent for the Processing of Personal Data in Private Organizations

National Registry of Scientific Data Management Plans by IBICT

Publications in Scientific Events as a Data Source for Scientometric Analysis

Scientific divulgation before the post-truth and the crisis of credibility of science in the context of Digital Humanities

Workflow with emphasis in technologies for the construction of an aggregator and a dashboard of Brazilian museums digital collections

Overview of Citizen Science projects contemplated in the Civis Platform

The Disinformation Society

Day 2 – July, 29 – Friday

9 am (Brazilian time – GMT-3) to 1:30 pm

Video Presentations:

Effect of Network Embedding on the Performance of Chinese Venture Capital Institutions: Mediatory Role of Organizational Learning

Enhancement of voting scores with multiple attributes based on VoteRank++ to identify influential nodes in social networks

Mining Association Rules in Commuter Feedback Comments from Facebook of Swiss National Railways (SBB) using Apriori Algorithm

Contributions and Limitations about the use of Deep  Learning for Skin Diagnosis: A review

Natural language processing of messages from a social network for inflation analysis

An Expanded Study of the Application of Deep Learning Models in Energy Consumption Prediction

Classification model based on chatbot and unsupervised algorithms to determine psychological intervention programs in Peruvian university students

Assessment of Heart Patients Dataset Through Regression and Classification Algorithms

Comparison of Algorithms for Classification of Financial Intelligence Reports

Identification of the relationships between Data Provenance and Blockchain as a contributing factor for Health Information Systems

Application and evaluation of a taxonomy in the context of software requirements management